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Inverter Arc Welders

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Inverter Arc Welders

What is an inverter welder? 

Inverter-based welding machines provide many important benefits over old-fashioned, copper coil welders.

Inverter welders are smaller and a great deal lighter than copper coil transformer based welders, making them much more portable.

Lighter, more compact equipment is safer to operate, reducing strain and fatigue, as well as offering fewer risks of work-related injury.

Inverters are far more efficient, consuming less electricity for the same output compared to older equipment, making them less expensive to operate and more ecologically friendly.

An inverter's electronically controlled power output is more flexible and easier to control, putting any power setting between 0 and 100% literally at your fingertips.

A more flexible power control allows a much finer touch than the old 4-setting selectors on traditional equipment, which all too often was too strong on one setting but too weak on the next lower.

Are Jebbtools inverter welders really more reliable than other machines?

Yes, definitely! Decades of technological improvements have produced a more cost effective and extremely efficient power module. These machines use inverter modules called Insulated-Gate Bi-Polar Transistors or IGBTs.

IGBT type power modules are by far the most efficient and reliable choice, which is why you will find them in every S. Jebb & Sons welding machine. An IGBT will outperform the older MOSFET technology every time, as only a single, high capacity IGBT will do the job of an entire bank of MOSFETs, which are prone to failure. If a single MOSFET fails, the entire welder is useless.

In addition, IGBT powered welders can provide substantially higher duty cycles than the older MOSFET technology.

It’s time to make the change to a modern, top name inverter welding machine. Why pay more to run a less reliable, heavier and less effective machine? Jebb Tools offers some of the best machines on the market at an unbeatable price!  

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inverter arc welders

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