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Electric Radiators

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Electric Radiators

Electric Radiators provide the same quality of heat as traditional central heating systems without any of the heat losses through pipework, maintenance and upheaval created during installation and better yet our electric radiators can be fitted utilising only the most basic of DIY skills.

They offer high energy efficiency, are eco-friendly and safe too. Our wall mounted electric radiators can be supplied in a range of sizes, perfect for commercial or domestic use.

Q: Are Electric Radiators expensive to run?

Today, Gas is currently available at a cheaper rate than electricity, electric radiators can still work out cheaper to run than gas central heating or storage heaters because they are extremely energy efficient with all electricity used is turned into heat and offer precision heating control. You can control the heat in each room of your house separately, eliminating the cost of running radiators that you do not need to heat. Each radiator has a very accurate thermostat with in-depth digital programming.

Whatever type of heating you specify; safety is always an important consideration. As electric heaters do not burn fuel internally to generate heat, there are none of the associated safety risks, such as carbon monoxide poisoning or explosions. Moreover, as there are no radiators to leak or burst, there is less risk of damage to completed properties, which can be a major concern if properties are empty for a period of time, especially over the winter months.

For installation all heaters are suitable for DIY installation, they simply screw to the wall and plug into a normal 13amp socket. Each manual comes with a step by step fitting template and all the necessary fixtures – it couldn’t be easier. No maintenance required.

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electric radiators

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