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Wescol Fuel Gas Flashback Arrestor 3/8''

Absolutely essential safety devices that must be fitted to all Oxy/Fuel gas equipment to ensure H&SE compliance, and the operators own peace of mind.

The Flamestop ® Type 83 connects directly to the gas regulator & will prevent a flame travelling back to the gas cylinder in the event of a flashback. Protecting both operator & equipment, they are the most economical type of Arrestor & provide the minimum safety level requirement. 

3/8" Bsp gas regulator fitting and 3/8" Bsp gas hose fitting.

Fuel gas models are suitable for use with acetylene, propane, hydrogen & natural gases. Oxygen models can also be used with high pressure air.


  • 3/8" Bsp Gas Regulator Fitting
  • 3/8" Bsp Gas Hose Fitting
  • Sintered Stainless Steel Flame Arresting Element
  • Thermally Activated Shut Off Valve
  • Gas Non-Return Valve
  • Dust Filter
  • Safety Standard EN 730

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