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720pc S/ Steel Spring & Star Lock Washer Set

This 720 Piece Washer Assortment Set is a fantastic set which could be used anywhere as oppossed to going and buying them in 1's or 2's why when you can get the box for a bargain price.


  • 50pc 6 c-type
  • 50pc 6 star type
  • 50pc 6 circle star type
  • 50pc 8 c-type
  • 50pc 8 star type
  • 50pc 10 c-type
  • 50pc 10 star type
  • 50pc 10 circle star type
  • 40pc 6.4mm circle star type
  • 30pc 8.0mm circle star type
  • 20pc 9.5mm c-type
  • 20pc 9.5mm star type
  • 20pc 9.5mm circle star type
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