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Vires 500ml Brake Cleaner Aerosol Can

Vires 500ml Brake Cleaner Aerosol Can.  Brake Cleaner improves brake performance by removing brake dust, dirt and motoring grime from braking parts. This useful stuff can be applied without dismantling the entire braking system - huge time saver! Can also be used for cleaning oily parts for assembly.

Acetone free, solvent based brake and parts cleaner especially designed to remove dirt, oil, fat, tar, brake dust and brake fluid residue without damaging delicate materials. Suitable for cleaning brake and clutch parts, chains, wire ropes, hinges and locks and is safe to used on most surfaces, including neoprene, rubber, plastic, metal and glass surfaces, ceramics, painted surfaces and textiles.


  • Capacity: 500ml
  • Improves Braking
  • Cleans Parts
  • Acetone Free
  • Solvent Based Brake Cleaner

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