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Superon Supercast NiFe 2.5mm Cast Electrode (2Kg)

Super Supercast NiFe cast electrodes are graphite basic coated electrodes with a Ferro-Nickel alloy deposit for joining and repairing nodular cast iron. Deposit homogenous and highly resistant against cracks.
Particularly recommended for dissimilar welding of cast iron to steels and construction of cast iron.


  • Electrode Thickness: 2.5mm
  • Pack Weight: 2Kg
  • AWS A5.15: E NiFe-C1
  • DIN 8573: E NiFe-1 BG11
  • Tensile Strength N/mm: 480
  • Hardness: 190 HB
  • Current Type: AC/DC+
  • Designed for Easy Striking
  • High Quality Cast Welding Rods
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