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SIP Professional Chargestar P32 Charger (110amps)

SIP Professional Chargestar P32 Charger (110amp), has a rated output of 11 amps. This is a reliable charger and is part of our professional battery charger range from SIP.
This battery Charger is perfect for all garages and workshops. Reverse polarity protection with a ammeter clearly and accurately indicate the charging levels. 2 charge rate levels, one for fast and one for slow charging.
This is an Italian made charger, so you know that it is a quality made machine.


  • Supply: 230v (13amp)
  • Charging Voltage (s): 12v / 24v
  • Max Rated Battery Capacity: 110Ah
  • Rated Output: 11amps
  • Max Rated Capacity: 16amps
  • Charge Rate Settings: 2
  • Degree of Protection: IP20
  • Insulation Class: Class F
  • Weight: 7.12kg

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