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SIP Chargestar Smart 8 Battery Charger (6 & 12v)

Fully automatic the charger senses charging voltages with pulse, bulk or recovery charge mode it also features over-charge and short circuit protection to help keep batteries protected.
Designed with a 9 stage charge programme for SLA, AGM, GEL and VRLA batteries, this SIP battery charger is ideal for use in a domestic home. Requiring a 230v (13amp) power supply, the Smart 8 is designed within a durable heavy duty construction.
Manufactured to be lightweight and compact this charger can easily be carried or stored when not in use.


  • Supply: 230v (8amp)
  • Voltage: 6 / 12v
  • 9 Stage Automatic Charging System
  • Suitable for SLA, AGM, GEL, VRLA Batteries
  • Supplied with Multiple Connection
  • LCD Display Screen
  • Heavy Duty

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