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SIP Chargestar Smart 4 Battery Charger (6 & 12v)

Offering 6v & 12v charging voltages with fast / deep charge mode this battery charger has a 3 stage charge programme for WET, AGM and GEL batteries.

This SIP battery charger and maintainer is ideal for use in a domestic home. Requiring a 230v (13amp) power supply you can run this charger from a domestic power supply. Offering over-charge and short circuit protection to help keep batteries protected.

Designed with pulse, bulk charging rates with recovery options it may recover slightly sulphated batteries. Compact and lightweight it can easily be carried and stored when not in use.


  • Supply: 230v (4amp)
  • Voltage: 6 / 12v
  • 9 Stage Automatic Charging System
  • Suitable for SLA, AGM, GEL, VRLA Batteries
  • Supplied with Multiple Connection
  • LCD Display Screen
  • Heavy Duty

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