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SIP Autoplus 180x Inverter Mig Welder (Gas & Gasless)

The SIP Autoplus 180X MIG/ARC Inverter is a powerful garage-friendly inverter with infinitely variable power adjustment, and gas/gasless functions. Ideal for automotive applications.

Infinitely variable welding power adjustment. Superior welding arc stability; very low spatter. Performs both GAS and GASLESS MIG welding. Low current performance for automotive work.

Supplied with the following accessories: 3M MIG Euro welding torch,Earth lead/clamp, gas hose.


  • Supply: 16amp (230v)
  • Dual Function MIG/MMA (ARC) Machine
  • Mig: 30A - 180amp (Duty Cycle: 180amp @ 20%)
  • MMA: 30A - 150amp (Duty Cycle: 150amp @ 20%)
  • Electrode Size: 1.6, 2, 2.4, 3.2, 4mm
  • Wire Size: 0.6, 0.8, 1mm
  • Insulation: Class F
  • Protection: IP21S
  • Infinitely Variable Welding Power Adjustment
  • Superior Welding Arc Stability
  • Gas and Gasless MIG Welding
  • Low Current Performance for Automotive Work
  • Weight: 11kg

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