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SIP 300amp HGT4000C Compact Transformer Mig Welder

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Compact and durable, the MIG transformer welder offers 60amp - 300 amp output current with 300amps @ 35% MIG duty cycle. It features an integrated burnback adjustment, adjustable welding volt range from 17V - 29V which is controlled with a 10 position switch, it also features 2 touch/4 touch controls on the trigger.
The HGT4000C also has a powerful built in 4 roll wire feed and can feed up to 20 metres per minute. MB36 x 4 m Welding Torch, 3m Earth Lead and Gas Hose included.
Requires a 230v (45amp) 1 phase power supply.


  • Supply: 230v (45amp)
  • Max Output: 60amp - 300amp
  • Welding Volt Range: 17v - 29v
  • Mig Duty Cycle: 300amp @ 35%
  • Compact, Durable Transformer Welder
  • 10x Position Switch Voltage Control
  • Welding Wire: 0.8mm - 1.2mm
  • Max Wire Feed Speed: 20 metre/min
  • Integrated Burnback Adjustment
  • Built-in Powerful 4 Roll Wire Feed
  • 2 Touch/4 Touch Trigger Modes
  • 3M MB36 Torch
  • Earth Lead
  • Gas Hose
  • Weight: 95kg
2 Year Warranty!