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Everbuild 750ml Exact Gap Expanding Foam

The Everbuild brand is not only hugely popular with tradesmen and DIY'ers it's quite literally huge - the biggest range in the business, in addition to core manufactured products a wide range of ancillary items from sealant guns to dust sheets, line markers to masking tape make Everbuild the number one Range.

The range of products we actually manufacture is extensive, from chemical blending for admixtures and water proofers through water based sealant manufacturing to the highly advanced polymer engineering undertaken in manufacturing silicone and hybrid sealants and adhesives and a wide range of powder products.

This Everbuild EVBEXACT7 Exact Gap Foam filler has been specially formulated to provide a more precise foam product that only expands by between 5-10% from the bead extruded on application. EVBEXACT7 is suitable for plumbing, insulating around door frames and many other building uses. The controlled application significantly reduces the amount of cured excess foam that has to be cut back afterwards.

It shoots liquid foam deep into cavities, creating a long lasting seal, which insulates against heat, sound and moisture. Suitable for inside or out, it can be easily trimmed and sanded ready to be painted, filled or plastered.

Technical Specs

  • Capacity: 750ml
  • Expansion 5-10% depending on Temp. and humidity
  • Cell Structure Medium Fine
  • Tack Free Approx. 8 Minutes
  • Cuttable 2 hours Depending on Bead Dimensions.
  • Full Load Bearing Stability App, 12 Hours (20mm bead)
  • Working Temps 5oC - 25oC. (Optimum 20oC)
  • Tensile Strength 18N/cm2 (DIN 53455)
  • Elongation At Tension 30% (DIN 53455)
  • Shear Strength 8N/cm2 (DIN 53422)
  • Flexural Strength 20N/cm2 (DIN 53423)

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