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Charnwood Thread Adaptor Insert 3/4'' x 16tpi to M33 x 3.5mm

Headstock thread adaptor.

To fit onto a lathe with 3/4" x 16tpi headstock thread.

To mount a scroll chuck (or face plate) with M33 x 3.5mm thread.

Suitalbe for use with Charnwood Scroll Chucks Nexus3, Viper3 & Viper5. Plus any other brand with a M33 x 3.5mm thread.

Includes 2 x 8mm diameter holes to aid tightening or removal with a knock out bar.


Adaptor Type Insert
Overall Length 32mm
External Thread Size (Chuck) M33 x 3.5
External Thread Length 22mm
Internal Thread Size (Lathe) 3/4" x 16tpi
Internal thread Length 25mm
Register 7mm
Minimum Headstock Thread Length 30mm


If you are not sure about the thread size you need, please download our How To guide: Measuring A Lathe Headstock Thread Size. 

Compatible with the following Lathes (among others):
Arundel K150
Axminster KWL37
Carba-Tec 4SE
Carba-Tec HM-1A
Carba-Tec HM01V
Carba-Tec HGO-1
Charnwood W811
Charnwood W812

Charnwood W820
Charnwood W821
Clarke CWL12C
Clarke CWL6B
Clarke CH37
Coronet Consort
Coronet Elf
Coronet Hobby
Coronet Major
Coronet Minor
Draper WTL12A
Draper WTL90
Draper WTL100
Kity K8C
Kity K24C
Multico WL37
Nu-Tool NWL37
Nu-Tool NWL900
Poolewood PW12-37
Record DML36SH

Record DML305
Record DML305-VS
Record CL3
Record CL4
Rexon WL6V
Sealey SM42
Sealey SM900
SIP 01488
SIP 07789
SIP 01936
SIP 01938
SIP 01940
Toolbank Faithfull
Turncrafter Plus
Tyme 13
Tyme 37
Tyme SL750
Tyme 1737

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