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3.25mm Electrodes (10pk)

3.25mm Electrode, high quality, all position general purpose, rutile coated electrode, excellent for mild steel. Designed to produce easy striking, stable arc, self releasing slag characteristics, whilst maintaining excellent shape and weld shape seam finish. These electrodes will operate on either AC or DC power source and require OCV greater than 45v DC or 55v AC.


  • 3.25mm Arc Electrode
  • 10pk
  • Designed for Easy Striking
  • High Quality
  • Excellent for Mild Steel

    This is a consumable item NO Guarantee given!

    Amperage Selection Guide:

  • 1.6mm Rod- 25-75 Amps- 1.1-1.6mm Thickness
  • 2mm Rod- 50-75mm Amps- 1.6-2.5mm Thickness
  • 2.5mm Rod- 75-105 Amps- 2.5-4mm Thickness
  • 3.25mm Rod-105-135 Amps- 4-4.8mm Thickness
  • 4mm Rod 135-190 Amps- 4.8-6.4mm Thickness
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